Invitation to submit a proposal

Association for ecology and tourism ECOTOURISM-2016, Ohrid wishes to invite eligible companies or individual consultants to submit a proposal for undertaking Valorisation study for proclamation of Belchishta Wetland as a protected area along with Conservation action plans (CAP) and Guidelines for monitoring for 5 up to 10 priority species/habitats

We would hereby like to invite proposers to submit proposals in accordance to the “Request for Research Project Proposal”.  Download here

In order to receive consideration from the Association for ecology and tourism ECOTOURISM-2016, Ohrid, all requested information identified in the Request for Proposal must be submitted and received by the email: on or before 23:59 CET, October 18, 2021.

The subject heading of the email shall be [RfP – Belchishta Wetand Valorization study consultancy services, North Macedonia – [Proposer Name]]. Electronic copies are to be submitted in PDF and native (e.g. MS Word) format. Proposers may submit multiple emails (suitably annotated – e.g. Email 1 of 3) if attached files are deemed too large to suit a single email transmission. Proposals must be prepared in English and in the format stated in Part 3 of this RfP.

The successful applicant will be required to execute an Agreement for Services with the Association for ecology and tourism ECOTOURISM-2016, Ohrid. An e-mail will sent to successful and unsuccessful bidders after a decision has been taken.

Should you have any questions, please contact Mr Goce Kolevski, Project coordinator (E-mail:; Phone:+389 070 716 887).\

Grievance mechanism – for more click here



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